Setting Bandwidth Management Mikrotik For Beginners In the present time is the requirement for a web association that is dependable and ready to handle various pc is exceptionally required, for instance for association with the necessities of the bistro where the very need an association that can deal with different pc that is not going after data transfer capacity. so the requirement for transmission capacity administration utilizing any Mikrotik can not deny anymore. In this article I attempted to compose the fundamentals of setting mikrotik by means of WinBox as data transfer capacity administration.

for this situation for instance the bistro;

Add up to = 1024 kbps transmission capacity
Add up to = 10 cpu
Tampa intermediary server
Grievances: if there is a download association for perusing on the PC to be slack
Arrangement: isolate download and confined get to and perusing access vindicated

Well ordered execution:

1. Login to winbox then enter when ip intermediary can not be set in through macaddress
2. Give a name for every interface
ETHER 1 = PUBLIC <-please take note of this in the switch setup balanced with each
ETHER 2 = LOCAL <-please take note of this in acclimating to the design at every switch
when it is done written work the name squeeze OK
3. Enter ip for every interface
case to interface LOCAL
tap the in addition to sign on the rundown and afterward enter the IP address (eg in the address field and afterward select the LOCAL interface, then squeeze OK
also, to interface PUBLIC same route with the above yet ip entered balanced with ip gatway of the modem (eg modem ip then to people in general interface can be loaded with
4. Enter Gatway to intermediary (gatway to interface PUBLIC)
Tap the in addition to sign and afterward click again on the bolt on hold and enter the ip gatway modem associated keinterface PUBLIC (eg
Alright arrived we,ve possessed the capacity to ping (dg note, quick modem as of now Konect)
5. To keep on being perusing interface LOCAL then we require setting Nat
WinBox> IP> Firewall
what,s more, NAT select a section and after that tap the in addition to sign information;
Chain = srcnat
Activity = Masguerade then squeeze OK
Up here we,ve possessed the capacity to do the perusing interface LOCAL
6. Make a Mark Conn for choices on line
WinBox> IP> FIREWALL> mangle>
chain = forward
convention = TCP (6)
in interface = LOCAL
out interface = PUBLIC
(go to TAB progress)
association bytes = 262146-4294967295 (which means little tar record cutoff points are subject channel 256KB)
(sign TAB activity)
Activity = stamp association
New Connection Mark = Download
Passtrough = [V] <-tick
7. Make Packet Mark
chain = forward
convention = TCP (6)
in interface = LOCAL
out interface = PUBLIC
Association Mark = Download
(sign TAB activity)
Activity = stamp bundle
New Packet Mark = Download
8. Make a Queue Type
WinBox> Queues> QUEUE TYPES
name = shape
kind = pcq
(moving the settings tab)
rate = 256000 <-we restrain just at 256kbps Download ...
restrain and as far as possible biarin tetep ..
clasifier = ff , Address [v] <-tick
9.Make Queue Tree
WinBox> Queues> QUEUE TREE
name = Download
parent = worldwide out
parcel check = Download
line sort = shape
max restrain = 256000
This instructional exercise is composed in a straightforward which is defined only for one thing in the field of intermediary.